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Nothing speaks about you as much¬†as the cleanliness of your car! ūüöó

Do you know the awkward moment when you take someone for a ride and your car is not clean? With our Super Clean slime, you will never face that situation again! Fix any flaw immediately and make your car feel brand new again!

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The slime contains an antibacterial agent that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses. To reuse it, simply rinse it in your kitchen sink!

You can also use the slime on keyboards and other spots that are hard to reach. If you like your stuff clean, then our slime is what you need!

  • Give your car a¬†new,¬†fresh¬†breath of life!
  • Clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces with ease
  • Reusable¬†- Simply¬†wash the slime in your kitchen sink¬†and¬†reuse it¬†again!
  • It can be used on¬†keyboards¬†and other spots!
  • The¬†antibacterial agent¬†will leave every surface¬†flawless
  • 83% of buyers¬†purchase¬†3¬†or more¬†for an optimal effect
  • Not available in stores!

SuperClean‚ĄĘ Reusable Professional Slime Cleaner
SuperClean‚ĄĘ Professional Slime Cleaner - Shopnatic
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