Lifelike Bubble Tea Plush Toy

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Bubble Tea Lovers? You’re at the right place to get your Bubble Tea Cup Plushie Toy with a selection of 8 colors and 4 different sizes. Get your Sweet Boba to brighten your day or your loved one.

Our Bubble Tea Plushies are not only for kids, but also for your friends, family and all your loved ones. Boby the Bubble Tea Cup is also a good fit to make any room more comfy! You can never cuddle them enough, anytime, anywhere! :D

Exact Sizes:

Small - 24cm

Medium - 35cm

Large - 50cm

Extra Large - 70cm




Please Note: Average arrival time for orders is 2 weeks. Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for some orders to arrive. Thank you!

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