Electric Pulse Neck Massager

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Comfort Your Body With The Back And Neck Massager

With the Electric Pulse Neck Massager, you can now give the much-needed relaxation to your muscle tension and cervical fatigue. This is an electric pulse neck massager with built-in magnets which provides massage to acupoints. 


It doesn't just relax the stressed muscle tissues, but the Electric Pulse Neck Massager also regulates the blood circulation as well. The massager has a streamlined design and its U-shaped structure was specially designed to fit your cervical area.

It comes with two electrode pads that can be applied to different parts of the body as and when needed. You can control the intensity as well with the different modes.


  •     Microcurrent technology: The microcurrent technology radiates low-level electric current that stimulates blood circulation and attempts to relieve the pain.
  •     In-built magnets: There are built-in magnets that offer low-intensity electromagnetic therapy. Often, the magnetic energy in your body dis-balances which can cause muscle stiffness and pain. With these magnets, Electric Pulse Neck Massager will balance out the magnetic energy in the targeted area. 
  •     Electric Muscle Stimulation: The electrode pads will give out electric current at a very minimal intensity in order to elicit muscle contraction.  Simply attach the pads on the targeted area and get it massaged at your desired intensity. You can use it for different parts of the body like back, hands or thighs and legs in order to reduce pain.
  •     3D-intelligent fit technology: You can easily adjust the massager according to the curvature of your neck.
  •     160° adjustment: Electric Pulse Neck Massager can be adjusted to 160° so that it fits your neck comfortably.
  •     Different modes and strengths for intensity variation: Electric Pulse Neck Massager comes with 6 kinds of modes and 16 different strengths so that you can easily adjust them according to your comfort level.



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